How are computer reading glasses different from regular readers?

Computer reading glasses are reading glasses whose lens power is specific to the distance at which you view your computer screen. Your correct lens strength is determined by your reading distance, age and in some cases, a refraction by your eye care specialist may be necessary. 

Determining your reading distance is the starting point for choosing lens power in any type of reading glasses. This is based on the scientific principle that focal power is inversely related to focal distance; so the further away you hold your reading material the less lens power you need to see clearly. For example, reading at a computer screen at 18” will require a different lens power than reading at a screen that is 28” away. Usually "regular" reading glasses lens power is measured for a shorter focal distance of 14-16 inches.

Computer reading glasses have the necessary lens power to relax your eye muscles that are straining to keep objects in focus at the distance of your computer screen. Wearing an accurate correction in your computer reading glasses is the first step to reducing computer eye strain.

Age is another factor since the elasticity of your eye muscles that contract to bring things into focus diminishes with age making it more difficult to see clearly up close. You can estimate your reading glasses lens power by referring to our age-related guidelines.

Getting a prescription from an eye care professional is another option. It should be measured for your specific computer reading distance which then can be filled with either ready-made readers with high-quality optical lenses or custom-made prescription lenses.

As far as coatings and lens treatments are concerned, anti-reflective coatings, photochromatic lenses and blue light blocking coatings are additional ways to relieve eye strain and protect your eyes from computer emissions.

Here are a few things you can do to help relieve computer eyestrain:

Lens Power:

Get a designated pair of reading glasses in the appropriate lens power distinctive to your computer reading distance. This will make a huge difference in reducing your computer eye strain.

Wearing high-quality optical lenses, which are free of further eye-straining lens imperfections and with the correct lens power is essential to seeing clearly and reading comfortably.

Lens Coatings:

Anti-reflective coatings on your lenses will reduce glare, increase contrast and also block blue light from digital devices.

Specific blue blocking coatings also provide protection and help with computer glare but their yellowish or orange tints distort colors and may make them a less attractive option.

Photochromic lenses with anti-reflective coating can also protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light and they also automatically darken in sunlight outdoors.

Computer screen filters decrease some of the irritating and harmful light that is given off by digital devices.

Computer Habits:

Sometimes it’s not easy to change the way you do things but slight changes in your surroundings can all come together to help to reduce your computer-related eyestrain. Take frequent breaks when working at the computer; something as simple as changing your gaze every 20 minutes can help.

We’re in a digital age where the use of digital devices is now routine. At work, school and in our homes, most of us spend hours looking at some type of computer screen.  Having the right tools to make their continued use comfortable is essential to maintaining your quality of life. 

 Clear vision, comfort, durability - we are redefining quality as basics for modern reading needs.