Your eyes get quite a workout looking at a computer screen all day. Continued use with other digital devices just adds to your discomfort. Reading glasses specific to your computer use will relieve your computer eyestrain.

You Can Reduce Your Computer Eyestrain

Most of the symptoms of computer eyestrain can be relieved by making adjustments to your computer environment, modifying your digital device use, and using computer reading glasses with premium quality optical lenses and anti-glare coatings in the correct lens strength for your specific computer reading distance.

How Are Computer Reading Glasses Different From Reading Glasses?

Computer reading glasses are reading glasses whose lens strength is determined by the distance you view your computer screen and are used specifically for reading at your computer.

The lens strength in reading glasses was measured based on customary book reading distance of 14-16 inches. Computer reading, is typically 18-22 inches but many times may vary depending on how far your computer screen is from your eyes.

Fact 03:

All day digital device use puts strain on the eyes muscles. Computer readers helps relax those muscles.


The further away you view your computer monitor the less lens power you will need to relieve your computer eyestrain.


If your eyes are struggling to read through lenses that are anything less than optically clear and precisely made, you will create eyestrain. Using readers with high quality optical lenses is the first step to reducing computer eyestrain.

Made from authentic ophthalmic lens materials that are free of waves, imperfections and ground to precise optical standards, our premium quality optical lenses and coatings provide true visual clarity to make your reading effortlessly clear and comfortable.

Tips For Reducing Computer Eye Strain


Reduce glare

Locate your computer screen so as to avoid glare from windows or overhead lighting. Direct your screen away from any glare inducing light source- even windows.

Take breaks

Blinking moistens your eyes and prevents dryness and irritation. Change your focus to relax your eyes muscles - after 20 minutes of computer use, change your focus to something at least 20 feet away for approximately 20 seconds- set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you.

Use reading glasses specific to your computer use

Looking at a computer screen for long periods of time puts strain on the eyes muscles. Just a slight correction in optically precise quality lenses can make a huge difference in relieving your digital eye strain.

Manage blue light sources

Limit computer use, adjust cell phone brightness and disconnect at least one hour before bedtime. Switch to the night shift mode on your phone display to reduce stimulating blue light default cell phone settings.

Adjust computer settings

Adjust brightness and contrast settings until you find what’s easiest on your eyes. Increase font size and use boldface font. Black font on a white background is best.

Adjust the position of your computer monitor

Station your monitor so that it is approximately 18 to 28 inches away from your eyes. Also, adjust your computer screen so that it is 4-6 inches below eye level.


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