Tortoise Shell Reading Glasses - the ultimate for iconic looks

It seems like a lot of things today are described as being iconic which can make you wonder what exactly does iconic means.

We used to refer to someone or something as being iconic when they had a long and consistent record of inspiring direction, making a significant contribution or creating a lasting impression. Icons are people or things that we in some way admire and often try to imitate. It’s not an overnight thing, icons consistently show their worthiness of such status over a very long period of time. 

The perfect example: tortoise shell reading glasses.

Their origin dates to the Roman Empire but tortoise shell glasses didn't realize its popularity until the 1920’s.  And so here we are in 2024 and tortoise shell reading glasses are still by far the most sort after material in eyewear looks.

Recent years have seen the introduction of new frames materials, but none have proven the continuity as traditional tortoise shell reading glasses made from cellulose acetate, the tried-and-true optical plastic. The proof is in today's most sought-after current circulation of vintage frames, many in excellent condition, dating back to the early 1900’s.  All types of tortoise shell eyeglasses are truly the ultimate iconic style that has spanned centuries. If that’s not good for the environment, then what is?

Here’s why tortoise shell readers have what it takes to be an icon-

Tortoise shell is always flattering and your blank canvas for countless stylish looks. Frame shapes, finishes and subtle details can take your look in many different directions.

You can wear them oversized for definition drawing attention away from less flattering facial features or small for edgy sophistication, choose a matte finish for a minimalistic take or wear them thin rimmed for an elegant look or thick rimmed for retro reminiscence.

Color infused tortoise can be fun or go the classic way for simple always styled looks and keep in mind that tortoise shell readers in an angular or round shape are a sure thing for adding a put together polish to even the simplest look.

Our tortoise shell reading glasses are made from cellulose acetate long recognized for its sustainability, not just in style but in their method of craftsmanship and long wear.  Is there anything more iconic?

So, when you put your tortoise shell readers on, you can rest assured that you are wearing a stylish look that is and will be forever an icon.

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New York