BOLD is Becoming: elevated looks, purposeful design

Big and bold menswear looks have been the anchor to statement style looks for decades. Making its first inroads in the 1920’s Chanel debuted her haberdashery inspired designs to the world and since then its notably flattering looks have consistently remained the backbone to countless designer collections and wholeheartedly adapted by old and new Hollywood icons alike.

Bold is Becoming

Simply by sheer contrast, large size frames accentuate women’s feminine facial features. The look is subtly sexy. Bold, oversized frame benefits also include drawing attention away from imperfections and they build a look that is edgy and youthful. Angular frames complement a full face, upswept styles create lift and structural temple details carry the face flattering benefits to the side view. These oversized streamlined silhouettes maximize minimalism and add sophistication without fussiness. 

That is why we are making our reading glasses frames bigger and bolder with temples that are thicker and more architectural and we have factored in all the details to complete an elevated look, purposeful in design. 

Today fashion has no rules. Where what you like how you like but paying attention to structural details will yield all the benefits of a good fit without the pitfalls. This couldn't be truer when selecting reading glasses.


  • For a most attractive fit your eyebrows should at the very least peek through the top of the frame.
  • How big you want to go is entirely up to you, but best fit guidelines recommend that the frame extend slightly beyond the widest part of your face.
  • A keyhole bridge or a frame with nose pads will fit higher, especially important for a proper fit on narrow or broad noses and especially important for correct lens alignment with progressive glasses. This also keeps the frame from resting on your cheeks.
  • A temple adjustment may be necessary to avoid slippage.

The visual bonus is a more open, unobstructed view of your reading material.

Large size reading glasses are not just a trend, but a design where modern application and its purposefulness has propelled it into adoption. Large lenses provide a wide field of view so you can see your entire computer screen with less head movement and larger lenses provide greater protection from blue light, glare, UV and the sun’s rays.

So, for those of you who think of fashion as frivolous, our designs will enlighten you because we know otherwise- part of looking good is feeling good and what we wear has the power to change the way we feel, improve the way we work and better the way we live.

Licensed Optician
New York