Spending hours at a computer monitor? Learn How to Tackle Eye Strain

Does your job put you in front of a computer screen for several hours every day? At the end of the day, do your eyes feel tired and achy?

One of the most FAQ’s today is how to relieve computer eye strain.  There are a few places you can start and some of the solutions are a lot easier than you might expect.

First, evaluate your computer setting and adjust glare-inducing light sources. Glare causes eyestrain. Sources of glare can be a window, overhead lighting, and the angle at which you look at your computer screen.

Adjust your monitor settings to improve contrast and font visibility.

Take breaks or change your gaze. Looking at a computer screen for hours puts an unnatural strain on your eyes. Your eye muscles keep things in focus by contracting the natural lens in your eyes, doing that all day long tires those muscles.

Get the appropriate correction in computer reading glasses that will be used just at your computer. The correct lens power in high-quality optical lenses will eliminate eyestrain by relaxing your eye muscles that are constantly subject to strain from all day, everyday computer reading. High-quality lenses are important because if your eyes are struggling to see through an inferior quality lens, it will add to your eyestrain.

An anti-reflective coating reduces glare, but this lens treatment also requires more care to keep the lenses from showing smudges and scratches.  High-quality coatings smudge less and hold up throughout the life of your readers. Inferior quality coatings tend to break down they do block out the known to be harmful spectrum of blue light,

Blue light blocking lens technology will minimize sleep disturbances from stimulating digital devices and act to further eliminate glare and eye strain when coupled with the appropriate lens strength.

So just to sum things up, changes to your computer  environment and the correct lens power in premium optical lenses with premium lens coatings will give you clear, comfortable, uncompromising vision and this is the first step in eliminating eye strain. 

Renee Bachner
Licensed Optician
New York