Choosing Reading Glasses-Does Quality Matter?

Not All Reading Glasses Are Created Equal

Optical quality frames last longer. They fit better and they are able to withstand everyday wear and tear. Lens quality will affect the clarity and ease with which you read. 

Here's the science to back this up. Premium grade optical optical lenses are subject to higher standards of quality control. The strict uniformity of lens surfaces and flawless clarity of premium quality optical lenses provide an unobstructed path for visual images to travel through your eyes to optic nerve, located in the back of your eye, which then sends visual impulses to the part of your brain where vision takes place. Inferior quality lenses interrupt this visual passage creating strained vision. 

Clear reading is comfortable reading and healthy reading. Eye strain can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day and can cause headaches, dry or teary eyes, poor sleep and body soreness.  

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your readers because you often lose them,  here’s what I suggest. Invest in a few good pairs of readers for those times that you want to read for more than just a few minutes. Drug store readers may be easy to keep handy for quick reads…a label, a menu…but when you need to read something for an extended period of time, our readers will give you sharp, clear and comfortable reading all day when reading at a computer or anywhere else.

Licensed Optician
New York