Choosing Reading Glasses-Does Quality Matter?

Truth #1 Not All Reading Glasses Are Created Equal

Optical quality frames last longer. They fit better and they are able to withstand every day wear and tear. Optical quality lenses mean clearer vision. Renee's READERS optical quality reading glasses will give you the best vision without filling a doctor's prescription.

Why do optical quality lenses give you the clearest vision?

They are made from high quality plastics that are made to exact ophthalmic standards. Free of waves, imperfections and providing true visual clarity; optical quality lenses allow you to see clearly effortlessly. If your eyes are struggling to see through a lens that is less than totally clear you will tire easily and may even get headaches or feel dizzy. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your readers because you often lose them or you find that you need to keep several pairs handy, here’s what I suggest. Invest in a few good pair of readers for those times that you want to read for more than just a few minutes. Drug store readers may be easy to keep handy for quick reads…a label, a menu…but when you need to read something for any extended period of time, Renee's READERS will give you clear, comfortable vision. Read more about optical quality reading glasses here.

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