Progressive Reader Glasses- the why’s of our frame + lens designs

The pandemic has accelerated our digital reliability and with that the need for multiple lens power for reading at different distances whether it be in a computer work setting or just out and about everyday living.

For everyday all around use, progressive lens glasses give you the convenience of not having to take your readers on and off throughout the day when you want to read something. 

For working at a computer, our progressive reader glasses have lens power for three different working distances at the computer.

But there's more- we made our progressive readers so that they are photochromic- meaning they are clear indoors turning into dark sunglasses outdoors. They have blue light and anti-glare coating so that they protect your eyes from harmful blue light, UV and the anti-glare coating adds comfort from digital screens and sun glare.

One pair for everything because we love fashion, but we love it even more when it makes life more comfortable and less complicated.

 As an optician, I know the importance of proper lens alignment, so our progressive glasses feature design and structural benefits that provides for a personal and proper fit, a key factor to seeing at your best with easy adaption and all-day comfortable wear.

To give you a greater understanding of why I am certain of your happy and successful wear of our progressive glasses I will take you through the why’s of our frame and lens designs.

 FRAMES -  classically flattering frame shapes infused with a modern vibe 

    • STYLE DAWN + JIM - flattering to every face shape, slims a full face + shortens a long face + is an automatic style update to any look even the basic jeans + tee.
    • STYLE BERN + THOMAS -  Classics are just that, standards that naturally connect supplying countless looks easy and effortless.  Non-clashing solids can stand alone with a modern edginess or emboldened core classic wardrobe looks.  
    • STYLE JACOB- your classic menswear look made flattering with a slightly contouring upper eye wire + squared lens shape to add face flattering dimension with a stylish modern cool.
    • STYLE NANCY + MAJORIE- cat-eye readers, the ultimate face flattering add-on for a feminine chic look. Wide temples make it modern, flattering to round, oval, square + heart shape faces.
    • STYLE MARINA- the butterfly shape, an iconic look signature to vintage glam. It can be worn oversized for statement style or to face size for a more professional look.


FRAME CONSTRUCTION - modern classics designed fit correctly with proper lens alignment 

Why nose pads?

  • Integrated adjustable nose pads allows for frame adjustments so that the lenses are aligned properly in front of your eyes- very important to seeing clearly, comfortably, + healthy.

Why oversized lenses?

  • Oversized lenses give a wide-open view for reading with less head movement.
  • Eliminates confined peripheral vision which also eliminates adjustment issues.
  • More lens, more usable lens power, more reading applications.
  • Greater coverage from Blue Light + UV
  • Considered construction using premium lightweight materials.


LENSES - designed to be useful in as many places you can think of

  • Digital Progressive Lenses are the best progressive lenses for sharp + most natural vision. 
  • Mid Index 1.56 lens material has great optics+ they are very thin + light- a must for comfort with oversized looks.
  •  Includes all the lens options 
    1. Photochromic
    2. Blue Light Blocking
    3. Anti-Glare
    4. Scratch Resistant
    5. Hydrophobic + Oleophobic

      LENS POWER- How it works

      For everyday wearers, progressive lens glasses give you the convenience of not having to take your readers on and off throughout the day because there is no lens power on top in the distance but lens power in the downward gaze with full reading lens power reached on the bottom of the lens.

      For working at a computer, our progressive readers have lens power for three different working distances at the computer; looking straight ahead at your monitor and another reading distance a little closer and full lens power on the bottom of the lenses so you can see your keyboard and read papers at desk level clearly.

       Most of us start and end our day on some sort of digital device. Our always present digital connection and its associated eyestrain has affected our well-being.

      -this was my motivation to find a way to make ready-made progressive glasses of comparable lens quality found in high-end prescription eyewear in frames adjustable for proper lens alignment, a key factor for best and most natural vision.  Style easy shapes have all-in-one lens features so you can multi-task wherever you decide to be.


      Licensed Optician
      New York