Progressive Glasses: Digital Lenses Explained

If you’re shopping for progressive eyewear and you’re not sure if you should try readymade progressive glasses, the one thing that will make you happy you did is the quality of our progressive lenses.

Quality lenses are where clear reading starts. Manufacturing comes next.

Innovations in technology have made so many things better. Lens production and manufacturing is no exception. That’s why digitally designed optical lenses have become the most sought-after optical lenses for the sharpest, clearest, most comfortable and most natural vision.

Digital lenses are made on computer-controlled equipment that is much more precise than traditional lab fabricating tools. Digital lens technology allows for the manufacturing of lenses in fine lens power increments as compared with traditional lens tooling so that your vision is most natural in every direction. This is the major advantage of digital progressive lenses, but there is much more.

Traditional lens manufacturing, technically referred to as surfacing, is when lens power is polished into a lens using stocked pre-made tools. Digital lenses are made using computer-controlled lab equipment which when programmed with frame, lens and wearer variances assist the computer's algorithm to apply lens surfacing that is accurate to the.01 of a diopter, the term for a unit of lens power, as compared to conventional surfacing .12 -.25 increments. Traditional progressive lens designs customize off existing templates and fine tune as necessary, but the level of precision is no match for digitally surfaced lenses.

Our digital lenses are manufactured considering lens position from the wearer’s eyes, different gaze positions-as in whether you are looking straight ahead or off to the side, frame size, lens shape and lens power. Digital lenses, also sometimes referred to as high-definition lenses, provide the widest field of view with clarity in the  periphery, sharp reading for long periods of time, enhanced color perception and reduced glare when combined with a blue light anti-glare lens treatment and as a result your adaption is easy and wear is natural and comfortable.

Because of the sophisticated technology used to design and fabricate digital lenses the cost is higher when compared to standard progressive lens designs. If you don’t need a prescription and have been frustrated by your lack of sharp vision and compromised comfort in the past, our progressive glasses will prove to be a highly noticeable improvement in clarity and comfort in every way imaginable. 

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