Progressive Glasses: Tips for making wear easy + effortless

Sep 06, 2023 by Renee Bachner 0

Progressive glasses make every day reading easy. Walk around without taking your glasses on and off to read, work at the computer and see clearly across the room, at your monitor and your keyboard or papers on your desk. Here's some tips for making wear easy + effortless...

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Progressive Glasses: Digital Lenses Explained

Aug 21, 2023 by Renee Bachner 0

If you’re shopping for progressive eyewear and you’re not sure if you should try readymade progressive glasses, the one thing that will make you happy you did is the quality of our progressive lenses. Quality lenses are where clear reading starts. Manufacturing comes next. Innovations in technology have made so many things better. Lens productio...

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Bernie's Style Influence

May 09, 2023 by Renee Bachner 0

Bernie’s style sense has been influenced by his lifelong passion for Rock n’ Roll. He has carved a defining look for himself that is as cool today as it was back then- my inspiration.

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Our review in Men's Journal

Apr 22, 2023 by Renee Bachner 0

"anti-smudge treatment outperforms more expensive options, and its light-sensitive lenses epitomize the brand's value proposition by offering a feature many charge a premium for."

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What does optical quality mean?

Apr 21, 2023 by Renee Bachner 0

Many ready-made reading glasses are described as optical quality. You may be wondering, what does optical quality mean and why is it important?  Here's the answer...

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