How to choose the frame color of your reading glasses

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If you’re trying to decide what color frames to get in your reading glasses, here's a few things to think about.  

  • Use frame color to accentuate your best features. Rather than choose readers whose frame color goes with everything, consider a color that flatters you just as you would choose a shirt or a blouse. 
  • Determine your skin tone and use that as a base for frame color selection. Consider your hair color as well. 
  • You might want to highlight your eyes with a frame of the same hue.
  • Use color to make a statement or keep your look subdued.
  • Choosing a flattering shade in your eyewear will add the same illuminating effects as lipstick.
  • Mixing it up can be fun and it can also be easy way to identify different pairs for different uses.

Let your look tell your story…start with a frame shape, add mood with color, top it off with the style that expresses the look that you’ve developed over the years. Finding frame styles and colors that suits you best is the starting point to choosing reading glasses that will look really good on you and you'll enjoy wearing!


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Blending classic glamour with contemporary styling, Renee’s READERS style Jane features a soft cat eye shape; refashioned from its more notable look that once dominated the style scene. What remains is the face flattering effect that it has been known for; made with the quality that wears well day in, day out.


Hip with a put together polish, Jane’s style is chic and effortless, a special knack of caregivers who are practiced at making big things look little. Infused with the spirit of earlier years, but rewritten for today, naturally rising above the moment.

Influences...quality reading eyewear

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Having to clean out my parents’ house after their passing was a life-changing experience for me. My parents saved everything; my father saw a use or possible use in practically everything you could possibly imagine and my mother was pretty much the same way. So when they died and I had to decide what to do with all their stuff; even with the help of family, it took months to sort through. We made many trips to various donation facilities but we also had to get a dumpster. Their inability to throw things away is understandable.  As immigrants they lived through extremely hard times; scraping and saving set the foundation for how they lived later in life even when they were settled and secure. 

Growing up in this type of home has influenced who I am today. I realize that we can do with a lot less stuff and so I focus on creating stuff (reading glasses) that looks good and wears well.  I am a lover of beautiful things (who isn't?) so I strive to keep designs beautiful and practical to give you years of enjoyable use.

Multi-Tasking Photochromatic Reading Glasses

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If you’re planning a trip, our photochromatic reading glasses will keep your bags light. Renee's READERS makes sure you don’t miss out on any important details with premium lenses that multi-task by adjusting to light within seconds for convenient indoor/outdoor wear.  Enjoy your travels; catch up on emails, read at the beach or an outdoor café. Our photochromatic reading glasses will be your one reliable pair with many uses.  You can count on our quality readers to hold up to an action packed itinerary or some well-needed R&R. Get peace of mind with the kind of quality that holds up in all day on and off wear and rest assured knowing that you are covered with important anti-glare and UV protection. One less thing to think about and more time to just enjoy...happy travels!


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quality_reading_glasses_reneesreaders_the inspiration_donna


Renee’s READERS style Donna toasts nostalgic menswear inspirations to give you a trend look that’s flattering and fashionable. Recognizable vintage detail is embedded in Donna's contouring shape and retro inspired spring hinge temples. Large lenses make our quality reading glasses a must have for any serious reader. Made with the same long-wearing quality that is characteristic of all our readers.


Donna’s way is not always so laid back; she likes to be up to the minute in whatever is going on. Her style is just a little bit trendy and sometimes even over the top…just for fun. She loves people, finds the remarkable in the day to day and lives from the inside out. She’s in the driver’s seat.

More about computer eyestrain

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In the past few years the way we do work, communicate, entertain, keep ourselves informed and just about everything else has almost completely shifted to the computer or some version of it.  If we are not on our phones we are on our computers or other related devices so it only stands to reason that we all have some sort of eyestrain…no surprise.

Working at computers can cause many eye-related symptoms such as eyestrain, dry eyes, headache, fatigue, difficulty focusing, blurred vision, and shoulder and neck pain. Taking frequent breaks will help reduce computer eyestrain but for many people that is not a realistic option.  Making adjustments to your work environment and optimizing computer monitor settings will also help.  It you’re not getting any relief from those changes then it’s time to look into getting computer reading glasses.  In order for your computer reading glasses to really help you it's important to determine your correct lens strength for the specific distance you intend to use your computer glasses. Sometimes you can figure it out on your own. I can also help you. Just email me and I will get back to you asap. An eye exam is usually best.

Quality anti-glare coatings reduce eyestrain by eliminating surface reflections and providing additional eye protection from computer-type devices and other light sources.  Blue light blocking glasses have recently been introduced to help diminish computer-related issues but further research is still needed.  One thing is for certain, quality optical lenses in your computer reading glasses will noticeably reduce your eyestrain and discomfort.

Reading Glasses: Metal vs. Plastic

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When choosing reading glasses one of the questions that usually come up is whether to go with a plastic or metal frame? The preference of metal or plastic reading glasses basically comes down to one thing and that is comfort. It’s personal. However, certain facial characteristics such as a wide or narrow nose, usually is best fit with a metal frame where flexible nose pads can be adjusted to fit the contours of your nose more easily. Knowing the frame style that suits you best establishes the foundation for style that’s timeless and also wears comfortably. Variations of established frame shapes do emerge season after season, but your most flattering look can be had by pinpointing the style that compliments you facial characteristics and then going from there.
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