Did you fall asleep with your reading glasses on again?

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Ready to doze off while reading? And when you wake up …yikes …what happened to your reading glasses? Oh no…

Several times a day somebody comes into my store asking if I that I can fix their slept on, stepped on, all bent out of shape Renee's READERS and guess what…usually I can …because they are optical quality reading glasses!  That’s another difference between other reading glasses and Renee’s READERS. Frames made from premium quality plastics and metals with flexible quality screws and hinges can usually be adjusted back in shape and assures that your reading glasses are going to survive the forces of nature; napping and other such activities.

QUALITY READERS -durable to conquer daily wear

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Sometimes navigating the day-to-day can be challenging, when reading glasses become essential, quality becomes basic for reliability and easy put-together looks.

 Look calm, cool and collected in retro-looking reading glasses that change into glare reducing reading sunglasses. Our reading sunglasses have gray prescription quality photochromatic lenses, coated with a premium anti-reflective coating for the benefit of additional glare protection indoors and outdoors. Made with essential fit features for long wearing comfort and durability to help you conquer the day.

...because people see your face first

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I am very meticulous about many things. It’s just my nature. I can see detail in things that some people might not notice. Everybody knows this about me...I'm not sure if this is good or bad?  When I was young I was a little embarrassed about my very fastidious nature. Everything had to be clean, organized and everything had to match. This is who I am.  I’ve lightened-up a little bit as I've learned to just let some things go.

Some people use the word anal to describe such behavior. I hate the word anal…it doesn’t sound like a very nice way to describe oneself. I prefer anything else to tell you the truth. Meticulous, particular, fastidious…even fussy or compulsive. Freud probably had no idea that a term that originated from his Freudian theory would be used to coin a word often used in modern day language. Maybe it’s time to change things up a bit.

It's a whole new season

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best_quality_reading_reneesreadersSpringtime is a time of renewal. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the sun is shining. It was a very, very, very long cold, snowy winter here in New York so everyone is very happy to leave this winter behind!  Amen. I’m ready to store away my heavy winter things bring out some cool cotton clothes and open toed shoes.  If you’re procrastinating on the spring cleaning thing…here’s a tip to make it more fun.  Open the windows, let the sunshine in and crank up the stereo! Cleaning can be therapeutic. At least it is for me. As you are in the cleaning zone, you may feel calmer, in control and when it’s all done you’ll feel accomplished and ready for a fresh start.  It’s a whole new season; clean up and clear your head …it can only do you good!

What materials are used to make reading glasses frames?

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If you have been buying reading glasses for a while you probably realize that frame quality is just as important as lens quality. 

High quality frames are made to regulated ophthalmic standards so that they can endure everyday wear, can be easily adjusted for a more personal fit, have quality screws and hinges that allow for their maintenance and as a result those frames are also suitable for prescription lenses if you should choose.

For frame materials, plastic (also known as zyl or cellulose acetate) is one of the most popular choices in reading eyewear.  Cellulose acetate is a natural plastic, which is manufactured from purified natural cellulose. Natural cellulose in the appropriate mix is derived from two basic sources, cotton linters and wood pulp. It is hypoallergenic and known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible. Cellulose acetate can also be made up in a wide range of colors and finishes. For eyewear, cellulose acetate is used by forming layers of plastic into large blocks then carefully dividing it into individual parts, hand polishing and finally assembling them into a frame. This is an extremely labor intensive process and if done properly from start to finish can take at the very least 8 weeks!

Stainless steel is another material used in manufacturing reading glasses. It’s lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable; it’s also hypoallergenic and more moderately priced in comparison to other metals. Metals of a titanium based alloy know as memory metal return to their original shape even after bending. They are lightweight, flexible, and hypoallergenic. Metal frames can be tweaked for a more personal fit since they have nose pads that can be easily positioned to contour your nose. There are many other materials used in frame manufacturing but these are the materials that Renee's READERS uses. We feel these frame materials provide you with the best quality and we know that quality is basic to easy stylish living.


love to read?

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reading_glasses_computer_renees readersDo you love to read but can’t do it as much as you’d like? One of the most FAQ’s today is how to relieve computer eyestrain.  There are a few places you can start and some of the solutions are a lot easier than you might think.  First, evaluate your computer work setting.  A few simple changes will help reduce glare by just adjusting surrounding lighting and computer monitor settings.  Take breaks or change your gaze and get the appropriate correction in quality computer reading glasses so that your eye muscles are in more of a relaxed, comfortable state for daily computer work.  An anti-reflective coating reduces glare but this lens treatment also requires more care to keep the lenses from showing smudges and scratches.  More research needs to be done to establish the true benefits of blue light blocking computer reading glasses.  The proper lens power in optical quality lenses will give you clear, comfortable, undistorted vision and it’s the first place to start to reduce computer eyestrain.

Quality is Good for the Environment

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Renee’s READERS was started about 3 years ago without any backing of venture capital money; just my love of design, entrepreneurship and a lot of determination. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing, a foundation in fashion and with many years working as a licensed optician, I created Renee’s READERS in response to my optical store customer’s frustration with “disposable fashion” and related products especially in the ready-made reader market.

Renee’s READERS is built on the old and new of business models. Our practices foster old ideals to form genuine relationships by delivering quality and sincere customer service. Our social responsibility evolves from the personal experiences and  authentic concerns of our customers. In the small town where I live and where people move to raise their families, environmental issues and how it will affect their children's future is of great concern. Here's what I've heard them say about what they think about when they shop. “What’s good for our environment is delivering products that last and don’t wind up in the trash after just a few months of use.” And ...”my time is valuable. I want quality in well-thought out designs so I don’t spend the little free time that I have packing up returns." We agree ...returns are a waste of resources.

The new business model of internet shopping has created an abundance of choices which is great but more is not always better; and more is not really good for our environment. Renee’s READERS are made from superior materials for your long-use. If you should need some help in selecting your readers, I'm here to help you choose the correct lens power and a frame style that will flatter you and that you can wear comfortably. We stand by the old business model…buy less when you buy better. That's good for the environment!

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