What Makes Our Reading Glasses The Best Optical Quality Reading Glasses?

For lens quality- we use premium grade CR-39 plastic or 1.56 mid-index optical lenses and lens treatments to give you the clearest, most comfortable reading.

For frame construction- we use premium quality optical grade plastics, metals and core components so your readers last.

Made to precise optical standards, not just acceptable tolerances. 

Optical Quality Lenses

Using premium grade optical lens materials, our lenses are precisely ground to specific ANSI Standards; the requirements that should be met before delivering prescription eyewear to the public and in compliance with FDA medical device guidelines. BTW, the range in the quality of optical quality lenses varies from low grade to premium grade and as you would expect lens clarity varies with quality grade levels.

Our lenses are aspheric in design for thin and light lenses and consistently clear vision as your eyes move to read. Our premium grade lens treatments will not craze, crack or break down providing you with true visual clarity throughout your use. Our lenses include a hydrophobic lens coating for easy cleaning and a hard coating for scratch resistance. 



Optical Quality Frames

Our plastic frame designs are made from premium grade cellulose acetate; a lightweight, hypoallergenic high quality optical plastic that originates from renewable sources of natural cotton fibers and wood pulp. High quality acetates retain their attractiveness and is the optician’s preferred plastic for filling prescriptions and easy adjustments.

Optical Quality Frames

Applying skill and craftsmanship, our metal readers are made from sheets of premium grade stainless steel or memory metal titanium technology to produce enduring modern classic designs. High quality metals enable easy adjustments, lightweight comfort, durability, and a consistent fit.

Made maximizing all the variables that cumulate to create reading glasses at their best

All of our readers come with a lightweight hard case and high-quality micro-fiber cleaning cloth - travel-easy.

Each frame is handmade adhering to the same precision and quality control standards of high-end prescription eyewear.

Details make all the difference- all of our readers are made with stainless-steel screws and hinges with temples reinforced with core wire to strengthen and retain frame integrity.

You can also use our frames for your own prescription; just ask your optician if your frame choice is suitable for your prescription.


For information on our optical
quality reading glasses, fit or style tips or for help choosing the correct lens power for you, email us at info@reneesreaders.com with your questions. We'll get back to you asap.

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