Progressive Glasses: Tips for making wear easy + effortless

Progressive glasses make every day reading easy.

You can walk around without taking your glasses on and off to read something and when working at the computer you will be able to see clearly across the room, at the monitor and your keyboard or papers on your desk.

For first time wearers, there is a little bit of an adjustment period but our ready-made readers are designed for proper lens alignment, a big part to making wear easy and effortless.

Here's some useful info: 

 How progressive lenses are designed

Depending on your lens power selection, distance vision or computer screen lens power is at the top portion of your lenses and reading/menu/desk/keyboard lens power is at the bottom of the lenses with an intermediate zone in between; usually another computer viewing distance. Each zone consists of a progression of lens power blended for a natural transition to each reading distance.
How you wear them
Move your head not your eyes.
When looking in the distance, look straight ahead using the upper part of the lens.
When reading up close, tilt your head down slightly to look through the bottom of the lens.
For computer use, your workstation set up will determine your preferred reading zones.
Initially, looking through the lens periphery may cause discomfort and you
will not be looking through the zone of clearest vision.
What you need to do 
You may need to adjust the distance and angle of your computer monitor.
A frame adjustment for optimal fit and functionality may also be necessary
and should be done by an optical professional.
What you should know
Progressive lenses take about two to four weeks to feel completely comfortable.
With consistent wear, their use will become second nature.

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