The Art & Science of Reading Eyewear

Posted on October 26, 2017 by Renee Bachner | 0 comments


If you were to ask any qualified optician about their profession they would tell you that the proper fitting of eyewear is not just reliant on being knowledgeable in all the latest technological advances in lenses and lens treatments or the latest trend looks.

An optician who is truly discerning, will process all the variables that include your correction properly fitted in the appropriate lens design with consideration of your facial features which include skin tone, hair color, eye color and also your life style or work requirements and use that as criteria to help you select the best eyewear for you.

More than any other thing that you use…you use and need your glasses. They are on your face…super noticeable to everyone and most necessary if you want to see clearly. So although determining the correct lens power for your needs involves some science…putting all the variables together to make your glasses work great and you look great is an art and a skill that you only get when you are working with a licensed optician.

For almost 30 years, I have been doing just that…working with people to help them select eyewear that flatters them and performs to their expectations. When it came to designing Renee’s READERS, I knew exactly what frame styles, shapes, and colors and what type of lenses to use to provide you with a concise collection of high quality reading eyewear that will compliment a variety of facial features, meet different visual needs and perform to your highest expectations.

Quality reading eyewear fastidiously designed by a licensed optician, 



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