Revisiting mid-century cool

 Ever wonder why certain trends stick and others don’t, like today’s very popular mid-century look. A vintage-inspired style that honors the past and whose span of influence includes just about everything.

It started to tiptoe in on us right after 9/11 and has now become a major trend. Did the trauma of that event create a longing for more simple times? Creating a need for basic feel-good stuff that heartens us with replicas for comfy living and hipster looks, possibly adding some sort of balance to our modern ways of forming relationships.

Vintage has become a way for us to experience a simpler time; where violence did not go beyond a fistfight in the schoolyard, where connections where made over a kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a piece of pie and where objects were valued for their workmanship and enduring quality.

Vintage is cool because it speaks to the core of who we really are.