More about computer eyestrain

In the past few years the way we do work, communicate, entertain, keep ourselves informed and just about everything else has almost completely shifted to the computer or some version of it.  If we are not on our phones we are on our computers or other related devices so it only stands to reason that eyestrain has become a commonplace ailment with often debilitating affects. Working at computers can cause many eye-related symptoms such as eyestrain, dry eyes, headache, fatigue, difficulty focusing, blurred vision, and shoulder and neck pain.

Taking frequent breaks will help reduce computer eyestrain but for many people that is not a realistic option. Making adjustments to your work environment and optimizing computer monitor settings will also help.  If you’re not getting any relief from those changes then it’s time to get computer reading glasses.  In order for your computer reading glasses to really help you it's important to determine the correct lens strength which is specific to your reading distance. 

More about computer eyestrain

Quality anti-glare coatings reduce eye strain by eliminating surface reflections and providing additional eye protection from computer-type devices and other light sources.  Blue light blocking reading glasses blocks out the simulating spectrum of blue light and adds another layer of eye protection. 

If your eyes are struggling to read through lenses that are less than totally clear, you will create eyestrain so one thing is for certain, quality optical lenses in your computer reading glasses will noticeably reduce your eye strain and discomfort.

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