Is blue light filtering lenses the answer to digital eyestrain?

Trying to exercise every precaution to protect their eyes, many computer users are turning to blue light blocking lenses to help with eyestrain and disruptive sleep but according to the experts at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it’s not blue light that causes these problems. It’s unnatural staring at your computer for hours day after day at work and with continued use of your cell phone and other digital devices after work hours that causes eyestrain symptoms such as dry eyes, eye pain, headaches, neck pain and eye fatigue.

Decreased blink patterns when focusing on the computer screen is the main culprit behind digital eyestrain problems. Changing your focus and making sure you blink often will reduce eyestrain symptoms. 

Blue light can be particularly disruptive to sleep patterns and should be kept in check by limiting computer use and adjusting cell phone brightness before bedtimeThe nightshift mode on your phone displays warm colors that shift away from stimulating blue light default cell phone settings. The best and easiest solution is to disconnect from all digital devices at least an hour before bedtime which will eventually restore melatonin levels that induce natural sleep patterns. Energy efficient led lighting that gives off stimulating cool blue light should be switched out for warm white led bulbs, especially in the bedroom.

It's modern lifestyle changes that have put excessive strain on our eyes.  Learning how to manage digital device use is really the key to reducing eyestrain and the effects of blue light.