Computer Eyestrain Solutions for Working From Home

If you’re going to be working from home, here's a few easy fixes that will reduce your eyestrain and make your computer reading more comfortable. 

Start by eliminating any glare inducing sources. Glare has always been a problem for computer-related work because of the reflective nature of monitors.  Glare disrupts the visual pathways to your brain where vision takes place creating strained vision.  Glare can disrupt vision in the distance; most noticeable with night driving or when reading; especially computer-related reading.   

Reading at a monitor for hours on end puts a strain on your eye’s muscles.  Reading glasses will take the stress away from the eyes muscles and keep your work in focus and you reading comfortably.  To be truly effective, computer reading glasses should have premium quality lenses with premium quality anti-reflective lens treatments in the lens power that is specific to your computer reading distance.  

Know your glare sources to begin your 5-step computer eyestrain fix

#1- Light bounces off your computer screen in many directions creating glare.

Easy Fix: Position lighting away from your monitor by

  • partially closing window treatments or turning blinds to direct light upwards
  • moving other lighting sources such as desk lamps away from your line of slight
  • dimming or turning off bright ceiling lighting 

 BTW, making the room too dark is not good either. The plan is to limit light sources that are reflecting off your shiny/reflective computer monitor surface.

#2- Investigate and remove any glare inducing conditions.

Easy Fix: Switch out reflective surfaces from your computer work area.

  • change up glare inducing surfaces such as glass or white desktops to be less bright and reflective- quick fix- add a dark matte blotter
  • remove shiny desktop objects and position your monitor away from bright white walls
  • scan your workspace for glare sources- the duller the surface, the less glare there will be
#3- Fine-tune your display settings

Easy Fix: Check on computer screen position, brightness, contrast and font size 

  • for best visibility, use dark text on a light background and keep colors basic and font styles simple 
  • position your screen on an incline so your eyes are looking downward at 10-20 degrees
  • dust lowers contrast so give your monitor a quick wipe
#4- Get a good chair- poor posture contributes to eyestrain

Easy Fix: Think supportive and functional seating

  • squinting, leaning forward or tilting your head in an attempt to see more clearly creates muscle tightness in your shoulders, neck and in your eyes
  • poor posture also affects the angle (visual path) at which you look at your computer further contributing to eyestrain
#5-Use computer reading glasses specific to your computer reading distance

Easy Fix: Even a slight correction will remedy visually intense computer reading,  anti-reflective coatings are a must and should be high-quality    

  • hours of computer reading day after day works the eyes muscles into a state of intense fatigue
  • our readers provide a wider field of view eliminating uncomfortable positioning and re-positioning 
  • anti-reflective lenses add an important and effective layer of relaxing glare protection 
  • clear lens optics provide an unobstructed path for visual images so you can read comfortably
  • Read more on how to choose your computer reading glasses lens power

Put all these easy fixes together and you will have a more comfortable computer reading workspace!

Licensed Optician
New York