Choosing Reading Glasses: The Most Common Mistake

You are ready for a new pair of reading glasses so you go to the store and try on several pairs in what you think is your lens power- but reading doesn’t seem quite clear.   So you think maybe I need a stronger lens power to see clearly- you increase it but reading still seems foggy.  You’re not sure if this is the way it’s supposed to be but you know you’ve tried on a lot of readers to make this one your final choice so you go with it.

So now they broke and it’s time to buy readers again.  You try another brand and things are still not as clear as you'd like.  Again you increase the lens power- thinking that might help you see clearly but it's still not good.  You need them and you have other things to do so you just buy them. But you're not happy and even worse you feel like your struggling to read clearly.

Here's what you should know about buying reading glasses:  

True optical quality lenses allow you to see clearly- effortlessly.  They are free of waves, imperfections and are made from premium plastic ophthalmic lens material such as  CR-39 or polycarbonate- not acrylic and only top-grade lenses made from top-grade plastics will give you optimal and clear vision.  If your eyes are struggling to see through a lens that is less than totally clear, your vision will be foggy, your eyes will tire easily and you may even get headaches or feel dizzy.  

Premium quality optical lenses will give you clear vision- without over-correcting yourself. 

Our reading lenses are made to precise optical standards from premium grade ophthalmic lens materials, aspheric in lens design with premium lens treatments and coatings- for the clearest vision with anti-glare coatings and lens treatments that don't breakdown.  Every one of these variables is important for reading clearly and comfortably.

Our frames are also made from premium frame materials- plastics, metals, hinges, screws- the same as those used for prescription eyewear - they fit better and they last longer.

Need help choosing your lens power in your reading glasses? Read how to figure it out here or just email for some help.