Cat Eye Reading Glasses- a facelift you can afford...

Hey girl, don’t scream when you try on a cat-eye frame…is it because you feel like you look like your mother? 

Well, maybe you do and she probably did know best because a cat-eye frame has what is fittingly described as having a “facelift affect” and for a lot less money! 

You don’t have to go all-out cat eye, but a slight upswing will definitely lift ages off your looks!

Reading glasses are the easiest way to transform your looks, express your style and compliment your facial features and if you want to look younger the first place to start is in your choice of frame style.  

As a licensed optician for over 25 years and seeing countless transformations- just by a simple change of eyewear, I can easily pinpoint the styles, shapes and colors that compliment different face shapes and facial colorings.

Having trouble finding reading glasses that'll look good on you?  Email me at If you like, send me your selfie. I will get back to you asap.