Use your reading glasses to hide your late night lifestyle….

Whether you are up at night partying, watching late night TV or just tossing and turning trying to get a decent night’s sleep, your eyes are the first place to tell of your late night activities. 

Call them what you may …but if you have rings, wrinkles, or bags under your eyes; reading glasses whose frame is continuous all around, will hide them.  Make sure the bottom of the reading glasses frame overlaps those areas you want to camouflage.  Plastic frames do an especially great job and metal frames with adjustable nose pads provide more flexibility with the fit so that you can adjust the height of the frame to overlap your troubled spots. 

With Renee's Readers, you can have it all…exceptionally clear, comfortable reading long-wearing quality and the face-flattering stylish looks that keep you looking polished no matter how you slept last night.