How to look good when you are too busy doing other things

Not a fashion plate but still want to look stylish.  Reading glasses are a good place to start since people do see your face first.  Knowing the frame style that suits you best will set the foundation for timeless good looks.

Style is not only about trends, it's about finding the right pieces that work for you; essentials that you can count on for defining finishing touches and that's reliable in everyday wear.

Variations of time-honored frame shapes do emerge season after season, but your most flattering look can be had by pinpointing the style that compliments your facial characteristics and then going from there.

New methods of manufacturing plastics and metals and advances in frame design and lens technology lead to amazing choices in reading eyewear and create new ways to update your looks and enhance your vision.

Our reading glasses mix hip upscale looks with tailored traditionalism; functionally fashionable because great style is simply looking good when you are too busy doing other things.