Computer Reading Glasses - Aviator -Titanium Light - Modern Black
Computer Reading Glasses - Aviator -Titanium Light - Modern Black
Computer Reading Glasses - Aviator -Titanium Light - Vintage Gold
Computer Reading Glasses - Aviator -Titanium Light -Vintage Gold
Case + Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - RENEE'S READERS


Regular Price$110.00

Superior quality and super thin photochromic lenses in a lightweight, durable, titanium metal frame mix. All-together excellence for weightless comfort with clear and easy reading.
Lens Power


Blue light blocking anti-glare transitioning lens reading glasses that go the distance. Enjoy weightless comfort while reading clearly all day, without eyestrain indoors or outdoors, and know your eyes are protected and tomorrow you can comfortably do the same thing all over again the next day.

Premium titanium memory metal mix assures retained frame integrity for looks + weightlessness + resilience. Our frames are fastidiously designed to not only look good but to feel good and wear well.

Oversized Fit

Premium grade aspheric CR-39 lenses

Blocks out blue-violet light + UV up to 73% in the harmful range of 400-435nm

Clear to maintain screen color resolution

Photochromic light adapting gray lenses that adjust from clear indoors to sunglasses outdoors with full UV protection to your eyes + surrounding skin.

Includes long-wearing premium anti-glare lens coating to eliminate glare inducing eyestrain indoors and outdoors.

Premium hard coat for scratch resistance + hydrophobic coated for smudge resistance

Lightweight Protective Case+ Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included

You've probably worn this style before. Now it’s back and you’re wearing it again. But this time it's different, because you’re different.

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