High Quality Readers with comfortable good looks in prescription quality frames and lenses.- ON SALE
  • Our Flexible Readers bring pretty & practical to daily wear

    Looks can be deceiving…these small flexible readers are big on more than just style. Enhancing your looks with a minimalistic and bold expression, our Jeanne readers in matte modern hues of teal or plum will bring pretty and practical to your routine. Cat-eye styling is fashionably chic and bendable bridges and temples will keep your look modern; reliable to conquer whatever the day may bring. 

    Renee's Premium Quality READERS :

    • Prescription Quality Frame & Lenses
    • Flexible Titanium Metal Frame-Resilient,Lightweight,Hypoallergenic
    • Aspheric Lens Design for Consistently Clear Vision
    • High Quality Anti-Glare Coating
    • Hydrophobic Coated for Easy Cleaning
    • Coated for Scratch Resistance
    • Hard & Handy Case Included with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    Inspiration :

    There is more than one way to live and Jeanne has mastered the winning formula; follow your heart; take comfort in your instincts, maintain the course with courage and conviction.  You just can't lose.

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   Includes Hard Case With High Quality Micro Fiber Cleaning