Frame and Lens Facts

What makes our reading glasses optical quality?

Optical quality reading glasses meet ophthalmic standards for lens quality to give you the clearest vision and for frame your readers last.  Our optical quality reading glasses are made according to ophthalmic standards (ANSI) just like those used for prescription eyewear...

Optical Quality Lenses

Optical quality lenses are made from high quality plastics, either CR-39 or polycarbonate, which meet specific ophthalmic standards set as criteria to be met before delivering prescription eyewear to the public.  Free of waves, imperfections and providing true visual clarity; optical quality lenses allow you to see clearly effortlessly.

Renee's READERS lenses are aspheric.  This means that as your eyes move to read your vision will be consistently clear and comfortable. Aspheric lenses also minimize the magnified appearance of your eyes behind the lens which is more noticeable in higher lens strengths.

Our sun readers have gray photo chromatic lenses that will automatically adjust to light exposure within seconds and which also includes premium quality anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare indoors and outdoors.  Our reading sunglasses deliver precise vision while ensuring UV protection.

All of our lenses are de-centered precisely to reflect an average convergence of your eyes while reading further ensuring comfortable, relaxed vision.

Our optical quality lenses also include a hydrophobic lens coating for easy cleaning.

Renee’s READERS are hard coated to resist scratching.


Optical Quality Frames

Renee’s READERS fastidious designs integrate classically flattering silhouettes with modern day needs for fashion that purposeful and reliable.

Practical comfort features include large lenses for a wide reading area, long spring hinge temples for more secure fit and wide bridges to assure your comfort with no pinching or pulling on your nose.  

Each frame is handmade adhering to the same precision and quality control standards of high-end prescription eyewear.

All of our frames are optical quality, whose sturdy construction will endure everyday use and are made using premium plastics and metals with stainless steel screws and hinges that allow for their easy adjustment. 

Optical quality reading glasses also allow you to replace the lenses with your own prescription; just ask your optician if your frame choice is right for your prescription.  

All of Renee’s READERS come with a high quality cleaning cloth, a hard case and a handy soft case with a long Velcro loop, perfect for hanging and keeping your readers handy.

For more information on our optical quality reading glasses, fit or style tips or choosing the right lens power for you, email us at We'd like to help you find the best reading glasses for you.