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Renee Bachner had always dreamed of starting her own line of eyeglasses, but a tragedy pushed put her plan into action. “Losing my dad, and my mother deteriorating [from Alzheimers] rapidly made me start to think about my own life. I felt it was now or never. I didn’t want to regret [not doing this].”

As an optician for over 25 years, Renee knew what her customers wanted. “A lot of my customers were complaining that their reading glasses didn’t hold up,” Renee says. “They wanted a quality product.”

Renee responded to the needs of her customers by creating Renee’s Readers–a high-quality line of reading glasses that are optically correct (as close to a prescription lense as you can get in a non-prescription reading glass). “There’s a huge difference in clarity of vision with these lenses than with any other reading glasses,” says Renee.

Fittingly, since Renee’s Readers were inspired by her customers, Renee named all 23 styles after them. Renee also used her experience working in-store with customers to create the most flattering readers possible, picking frames in “tried and true shapes” and colors that “flatter people’s complexions.”

Renee’s Readers, launched just a few months ago, are sold on Renee’s website, starting at $65 dollars (they ship nationwide) and from her store in New City, NY. If you’re not sure which pair of Renee’s Readers would suit you the best, Renee has put together a list of frame selection tips to help you find your perfect pair. A portion of each Renee’s Readers sale goes toward funding the research for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Glasses immediately can change a persons look,” says Renee. “It’s like lipstick, [they] immediately brighten up the face.”