My Inspiration

optical quality reading eyewear: fastidiously designed by a licensed optician


Designing my own line of reading glasses is something I always wanted to do. At first, raising a family was a priority then it was developing my optical store business; after that it was taking care of my elderly parents.  But when my father died and my mother developed Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t help but think about my life and all the things I wanted to do.

I knew that it was now or never.

Renee’s READERS optical quality reading glasses are designed based on years of experience working in many different aspects of the optical field, running an optical store and influenced by customers wants and needs. Inspired and named after actual customers, my reading glasses are designed to be optically correct; provide the precise vision of optical quality lenses with the optimal fit of ophthalmic quality frames; just like prescription eyewear.  I also carefully selected styles, shapes and colors with proven flattering effects for a collection of modern classic looks functional in fashion and durable in daily wear.

From years of practicing as a licensed optician, I know that buying reading glasses can sometimes be confusing so I’m available to help clear up any questions that you may have by providing you with accurate information to help you select the correct lens strength for your reading distance as well as choose a frame style that will fit you properly and compliment your looks.  Renee's READERS is committed to helping you find the best reading glasses for you. 

Let your look tell your story,


Renee’s READERS is a passionate supporter of Alzheimer's research and support services 

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