Optical quality lenses are made from high quality plastics, either CR-39 or polycarbonate, which meet specific ophthalmic standards set as criteria to be met before delivering prescription eyewear to the public. Free of waves, imperfections and providing true visual clarity; optical quality lenses allow you to see clearly effortlessly.

Renee's READERS lenses are aspheric. This means that as your eyes move to read your vision will be consistently clear and comfortable. Aspheric lenses also minimize the magnified appearance of your eyes behind the lens which is more noticeable in higher lens strengths.

Our sun readers have gray photo chromatic lenses that will automatically adjust to light exposure within seconds and which also includes premium quality anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare indoors and outdoors. Our reading sunglasses deliver precise vision while ensuring UV protection.

All of our lenses are de-centered precisely to reflect an average convergence of your eyes while reading further ensuring comfortable, relaxed vision.

Our optical quality lenses also include a hydrophobic lens coating for easy cleaning.

Renee’s READERS are hard coated to resist scratching.