How to Find the Frame Style that Compliments Your Looks

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Choosing great looking and comfortable fitting readers is all about determining the frame shape that flatters your face shape ...complete your looks with your own stylish picks.

About Face:
1. The act of pivoting in the opposite direction from the original.
a. One simple rule… your frame shape should be the opposite of your face shape.

About Style:
2. A total change of attitude or viewpoint.
a. Sometimes things happen that cause you to change, same goes for your style.

Let your look tell your story.

Have you bought reading glasses only to find that they do not flatter you in the way you expected?

Save a lot of time, money and avoid disappointment when you choose a frame style that fits you properly and compliments your looks.  You'll be amazed at how your glasses can compliment your looks! 

Basic Face Shapes:


Best Described As: Equal length and width with full cheeks and a curved chin 
Best Looks: Frames with squared edges
reading_glasses_round_face_ shape_reneesreaders
About Face: Defined angles add definition and contours to a full face
What To Look For: Square or rectangular frame with squared corners
Suggested Styles: Alan, Bob, Diane, Jorie, Michael, Paul, Peter, Steve, Karen, Libby, Lisa, Marcy

Play it cool with a look that’s been your own since the beginning


Best Described As: Slightly wider cheekbones with slight narrowing of forehead and chinFace Shape: Oval
Best Looks: Frames that do not overpower your balanced facial features
About Face: Your well-proportioned face shape gives you a lot of flexibility
What To Look For: Frame should extend to the widest part of your face or slightly beyond
Suggested Styles: Lucky you, everything goes!

Just because you've never tried new things before doesn’t mean you can’t do it now


Best Described As: Strong bone structure with equally wide cheekbones, forehead and a defined Face Shape: Squarechin
Best Looks: Frames that are rounded or upswept
About Face: Upswept corners and curved edges will offset and minimize strong facial lines
What To Look For: Frames with softly rounded edges where the temples are placed on the top of the frame front
Suggested Styles: Donna, Inna, Jane, Joe, Loni, Paul, Peter, Libby, Mirona, Sari, Sue, Susan

    Never say never...think super sexy reading glasses


Best Described As: Noticeably longer than wider with a high forehead and prominent cheekbonesFace Shape: Oblong
Best Looks: Where the temples are placed at the top of the frame front
About Face: This appears to shorten the length of your face
What To Look For: Rounded shapes, rectangles, squares with large lens area
Suggested Styles:  Bob, Diane, Donna, Jay, Joe, Loni, Michael, Steve, Sari, Sue, Libby, Samantha

    Ride the trend...bold plastics are loaded with attitude and are totally flattering


Best Described: By a broad forehead and high cheekbones tapering into a narrow chin Face Shape: Heart
Best Looks: Upswept or soft ovals will help add balance
About Face: Creates visual balance when the width of the frame is slightly wider than your forehead
What To Look For: Oval shapes and squares with rounded corners. Cat-eye shapes are a perfect complementary look!
Suggested Styles: Bernie, Jane, Inna, Karen. Marcy, Mirona, Paul, Susan

   Modern retro styling keeps your look edgy and highlights your fabulous cheekbones

About your nose….

Since your nose is the main resting point of your reading glasses besides your ears, the shape of your nose usually determines how your frame will fit you.  Properly fitting reading glasses will rest comfortably on your nose without pinching or pulling.

A high narrow nose requires a frame with a narrow bridge (the frame part that rests on the nose). If you are considering plastic reading glasses where the bridge is fixed, look at bridge size as well as the angle of flare. A frame with a narrow bridge will keep the frame from sliding down your nose and will correctly position the frame.  Metal frames with adjustable nose pads provide more flexibility in fit since the nose pads can be adjusted to fit the bridge of your nose. 

A nose that is wide or flared requires reading glasses with a wide bridge for optimal fit and comfort. Adjustable nose pads or plastic frames designed for a wide nose will provide a comfortable fit that will also position the lenses properly in front of your eyes for your best field of vision.

Some people like to wear their reading glasses towards the tip of their nose so they can look over them to see in the distance. Many of Renee’s READERS styles are purposefully designed to fit comfortably if you should decide to wear your readers that way.

Just a few more things...

FRAME SIZE should be in scale with your face size and stature. Usually, your reading glasses should extend to the widest part of your face, even slightly beyond. Some styles are meant to be oversized and some are meant to be worn smaller.  It adds to the look!

FRAME SHAPE should contrast your face shape. A frame that is geometric or rectangular, with squared corners, will add definition to a fuller face and has an edgier look. Reading glasses with round edges will soften a more angular face shape. Simply decide if your face shape is angular or full, and then choose a frame shape that adds balance with contrast.

FRAME COLOR can be used to accentuate your best features. Rather than choose a frame color that goes with everything, consider a color that flatters you. Choose readers that accent your hair color, highlight your eyes or enhance your complexion or just brightens up your everyday look.

When it comes to reading glasses, since most people find they need to have several pairs, you may also like to have a few different styles. Mixing it up can be fun and it can also be an easy way to identify different pairs for different uses. One thing's for sure …finding the frame style that compliments you is the starting point for choosing reading glasses that really look good on you and you'll enjoy every time that you wear them!
Let your look tell your story,


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