Look calm, cool and collected in reading glasses that change into glare reducing reading sunglasses suitably styled for statement good looks.
  • Photochromatic reading glasses: one pair, many uses

    Our photochromatic reading sunglasses are the perfect mix of functional statement looks in a sensible luxury enjoyed for life's simple pleasures. Featuring gray prescription quality photochromatic lenses with a premium quality anti-reflective coating for adaptable indoor/outdoor wear with UV and glare protection. Constructed with essential fit features such as extra-long spring hinge temples, a comfortable chiseled keyhole bridge with the precise optics and durability that is characteristic of all our readers

    Inspiration :

    Mirrored in a style that's thoughtfully casual and unassuming; Paul fittingly reminds us that gracefulness can be attained in timeless fashion whose charm is far more remarkable than passing trend.

  • photochromatic_reading_glasses_reneesreaders_paul

   Includes Hard Case With High Quality Micro Fiber Cleaning

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