Men's large reading glasses with sleek, clean lines for an sophisticated, modern look that wears with the quality of prescription eyewear.
  • Our men's large reading glasses wear well season after season

    Sleek, clean lines for a sophisticated, modern look distinguish our men’s large reading glasses. Designed with a wide lens area and extra-long spring hinge temples for a secure, comfortable fit make this an essential for guys who find regular reading glasses too small. The flared bridge ensures your comfort just in case you want to look over them to see things in the distance.  

    Inspiration :

    Peter is always on the go, he cares about his appearance, but his fast-paced life leaves him little time to fuss. He looks for quality, value and job performance. Needless to say, Peter has several pairs of this style, it meets all his criteria.

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   Includes Hard Case With High Quality Micro Fiber Cleaning

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