Petite reading glasses for women for a flirty, sophisticated look in trend neutrals in a face flattering frame shape.
    • Petite reading glasses exuding simple understated charm

      Lipstick shades of coral and pink peek through to accent our petite reading glasses and brighten your look. Trend neutrals highlight it's face-flattering shape with minimalist styling that adds contours in a truly feminine form.  

      Inspiration :

      Every once in a while, Karen abandons her conservative demeanor and looks to add a little punch to her otherwise neutral wardrobe. Since she doesn't always have time to put things together, the unique shape and eye-catching hint of color in these reading glasses provide a simple solution. Product performance is a top priority for any purchase she makes. Needless to say, these reading glasses exceeds her expectations.

    • petite_reading_glasses_reneesreaders_karen

   Includes Hard Case With High Quality Micro Fiber Cleaning

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