Trendy reading glasses in flattering chic looks with the quality and comfort features you can rely on.
  • Quality reading glasses styling sexy menswear looks 

    Donna toasts nostalgic menswear inspirations to create a look that's fashionable yet feminine. Recognizable vintage detail is embedded in Donna's contouring shape and retro-inspired spring hinge temples. Large lenses make our quality reading glasses a must have for any serious reader. Made with the same long-wearing quality that is characteristic of all our readers.

    Inspiration :

    Donna’s way is not always so laid back; she likes to be up to the minute in whatever is going on. Her style is just a little bit trendy and sometimes even over the top…just for fun. She loves people, finds the remarkable in the day to day and lives from the inside out. She’s in the driver’s seat.

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   Includes Hard Case With High Quality Micro Fiber Cleaning

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