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Designing my own line of reading glasses is something I always wanted to do. At first, raising a family was a priority as was developing my optical store business. But when my father died and my mother developed Alzheimer’s, my own mortality became more of a reality.

As a devoted caregiver, I often felt emotionally drained and physically exhausted. Several of my customers noticed my stress. They knew it all too well. Many of them were going through the same thing. We were always on edge, waiting for a phone call that something happened…a fall or worse. We were frustrated that we weren’t doing enough or devoting enough time to our own families. And we felt guilty that we still wanted to enjoy our own lives.

Having spent so much of my life taking care of others and seeing how age and illness had affected my parents, I couldn’t help but think about my life and all the things I wanted to do. In spite of these and life’s other challenges, everyone agreed how important it is to find the time to do the things we enjoy. Motivated in a “now or never” decision and inspired by their ageless attitude, I created Renee’s Readers.

This is what I enjoy. I love to create, I love fashion and I love to hear about all the interesting things that people do. I also know that our busy lives calls for style that not only makes us looks good but has the practical features that makes their use easy and comfortable. Answering to the wants of reading glass wearers, Renee's Readers are made to last in wearable, on trend style and provide you the clear vision of optical quality lenses.

My Caregiver

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My Dog, My CaregiverI sleep with the cellphone next to my bed. It’s on vibrate so when it rings it doesn’t wake anyone up. I have teenagers and I have my mom... who has Alzheimer’s. I used to get phone calls at all hours of the night about things that didn’t make sense. There was lots of phone calls one right after another. How could I not answer them, it was my mother. When the phone calls stopped, I managed to get a few hours’ sleep and woke up feeling exhausted. I got up, got everybody going all the while feeling down and worn out. I have lived like this for several years. There are a few things that helped me get through this, my brother, who is my “rock”. We are going through this together, I am lucky, I know. My family, friends and my customers; we share our stories, it is therapeutic. And my dog, Chloe. I never had a dog, but now I know why there are so many dog lover's! Whenever I come home and barely anyone picks their head up from what they are doing to mumble hello, Chloe races down the steps, her tail wagging so fast, jumping in front of me until I bend down and give her a hug.
My dog is a caregiver.
She’s my caregiver.
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