The First Step to Reducing Reading Eye Strain

Using readers with precisely made high-quality optical lenses is the first step to reducing any type of close work-induced eye strain. If your eyes are struggling to read through lenses that are anything less, you will create eyestrain. Clear lens optics provide an unobstructed path for visual images to travel to the part of your brain where vision takes place.

Using optical grade lens materials of either CR-39 or polycarbonate, our lenses are precisely ground to specific ANSI Standards; the criteria that should be met before delivering prescription eyewear to the public and in compliance with FDA medical device guidelines.  We use an aspheric lens design for thin lenses and easy reading. Our commitment to providing you true visual clarity is demonstrated by our use of premium lens coatings and treatments that will not craze, crack or break down.  Our lenses include a hydrophobic lens coating for easy cleaning and a hard coating for scratch resistance.

Renee's Readers are made using the same high-grade ophthalmic lens materials as those used in high-end prescription eyewear.  Free of waves, imperfections and ground to precise optical standards,our reading glasses will give you the clearest most comfortable reading.