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My father started his aluminum awning business by selling door to door.  He was a sheet metal worker. He built his first awning to prevent leaks on our front porch from coming into our house. An aluminum awning and some caulking solved the problem. He came home from his day job at 4, ate dinner and then went out selling his awnings by knocking on people’s doors. He built a successful business based on his integrity, delivering quality and customer service. He loved his work and the people he came to know and so he worked well into his 80’s; almost to the day he died.

Business has changed a lot since then but the ideals that contributed to his success have not. I have used my father’s teachings and those of that generation as a model for how I would like to conduct my business.

It’s taken some time but my customers have come to know and appreciate me and the quality of the products I provide as demonstrated by their many repeat purchases.  Some leave reviews which I really appreciate. For me, reviews are priceless since I don’t have big money backing me for elaborate marketing and for prospective customers who are faced with an abundance of choices it gives them a better understanding of what Renee’s Readers is all about.

Thank you.

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