Reading Glasses Lens Power- getting it right

By now you probably figured out that finding your best reading glasses lens power is a little more complicated than you expected. That's because today we look at our reading material at many different distances ( computer, cell phone, desk, workbench, bed + more)  and it’s your reading distance that is one of the main factors that determines the lens strength you need to read clearly.

Choosing the best lens power for your specific reading distances requires some careful analysis.  If most of your reading is done at a computer, which is usually 18-22 inches away from your eyes then that will require a different lens power than if you like to hold your reading material closer- like when reading a book in bed. 

RENEE’S READERS gives you a step by step explanation on how to choose the correct lens power in your reading glasses. This is important to reducing eyestrain and clear, comfortable reading. READ MORE.

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