Reading Glasses for Progressive Lens Wearers

Remote work, online schooling, shopping, socializing, gaming is among the many activities that are putting people in front of their computers and digital devices more than ever before.  With this digital lifestyle has surfaced associated eyestrain as well as a variety of aches and pains often the result of unnatural positioning to read clearly.

Progressive lens wearers are among the many who are feeling the effects of this.  The narrow reading portion of their lenses is usually constrictive and trying to find the sweet spot of focus can be tiring, time-consuming and usually results in unnatural posture worsened by the constant head and neck repositioning. Squinting, leaning forward or tilting your head to see more clearly creates muscle tightness in your shoulders, neck and in your eyes.  Poor posture also affects the angle (visual path) at which you look at your computer further contributing to eyestrain.

Peripheral blur can be a hindrance for traders, designers, lawyers and for just about anyone who spends hours working at a computer. Move your head even the slightest and text or images are out of focus.  Leisure reading in an incline position- such as when reading in bed, was the classic example but now with long hours at a monitor- many times more than one monitor, visual blur is a tiring annoyance that's counterproductive to anyone whose work puts them in front of a computer.  Progressive lenses are good for all-around everyday use but for increased periods of close work, most people find having a separate pair for reading a must-have. 

Our readers are made with optical grade aspheric lenses for consistently clear lens power throughout the lens which gives you a wider field of view, eliminating uncomfortable head positioning, re-positioning and ultimately eliminating eyestrain.  Clear lens optics provide an unobstructed path for visual images so you can read comfortably and our high-quality anti-glare coating cuts down on glare from reflective surfaces such as digital screens. Using high-quality lenses and coatings is the surest way to make your digital environment the most comfortable, most productive and most enjoyable.