Quality is Good for the Environment

Posted on January 20, 2017 by Renee Bachner | 0 comments


Renee’s READERS was started about 3 years ago without any backing of venture capital money; just my love of design, entrepreneurship and a lot of determination. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing, a foundation in fashion and with many years working as a licensed optician, I created Renee’s READERS in response to my optical store customer’s frustration with “disposable fashion” and related products especially in the ready-made reader market.

Renee’s READERS is built on the old and new of business models. Our practices foster old ideals to form genuine relationships by delivering quality and sincere customer service. Our social responsibility evolves from the personal experiences and  authentic concerns of our customers. In the small town where I live and where people move to raise their families, environmental issues and how it will affect their children's future is of great concern. Here's what I've heard them say about what they think about when they shop. “What’s good for our environment is delivering products that last and don’t wind up in the trash after just a few months of use.” And ...”my time is valuable. I want quality in well-thought out designs so I don’t spend the little free time that I have packing up returns." We agree ...returns are a waste of resources.

The new business model of internet shopping has created an abundance of choices which is great but more is not always better; and more is not really good for our environment. Renee’s READERS are made from superior materials for your long-use. If you should need some help in selecting your readers, I'm here to help you choose the correct lens power and a frame style that will flatter you and that you can wear comfortably. We stand by the old business model…buy less when you buy better. That's good for the environment!



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