must have been crazy...

I must have been crazy to think that I could launch a business on the internet without big funding, fancy branding and massive PR. What drove me to do it was a passion that has been brewing inside of me since I can remember. A lover of quality, a seeker of value and an appreciation for beauty all came together in my designs that bring back old ideals where each and every purchase was personal, exceptional and valued.

From years of working in high-end retail, I saw how each and every product was thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted and then displayed in respect of that craftsmanship. Carried to your home, you removed it from its beautiful wrapping and you knew that this was a purchase you would pridefully use with an appreciation for the fine detail, quality and workmanship that went into it.

In my own idealistic way, I wanted to bring that kind of quality with affordability to my reading glasses wearers. I have fastidiously gone over every detail to make sure you are getting the best quality in reading glasses. My attention to manufacturing a high-quality product with less attention to expensive branding has paid off. Several years later, I am still at it and we are growing. Customers have been more than great. Their purchases with enthusiasm, appreciation and reviews have helped in Renee’s Readers progress.

I have decided to close my optical shop and focus on furthering my small business values on the World Wide Web. As much as the world has changed and will continue to change, people will not. I believe no matter who we are or where we live in the world everybody knows real quality, true value and appreciates the relationships that are built with their every purchase.