love to read?

Do you love to read but can’t do it as much as you’d like? One of the most FAQ’s today is how to relieve computer eyestrain.  There are a few places you can start and some of the solutions are a lot easier than you might think.

 First, evaluate your computer work setting.  A few simple changes will help reduce glare by just adjusting the surrounding lighting and computer monitor settings.  Take breaks or change your gaze and get the appropriate correction in quality computer reading glasses so that your eye muscles are in more of a relaxed, comfortable state for daily computer work.  

An anti-reflective coating reduces glare but this lens treatment also requires more care to keep the lenses from showing smudges and scratches.  

More research needs to be done to establish the true benefits of blue light blocking computer reading glasses.  

The proper lens power in optical quality lenses will give you clear, comfortable, undistorted vision and it’s the first place to start to reduce computer eyestrain.

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