JOURNAL NEWS: Renee's READERS A Shop on the Web

JOURNAL NEWS. Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Renee Bachner recognized a problem: "Through the years what I was hearing from my customers is they weren't satisfied with the selection of reading glasses that was out there," says Bachner. Along with complaints about fit and frequent replacement costs, Bachner says customers just weren't satisfied with the style choices either. So, the certified optician came up with a solution: Renee's Readers.

Her reading glasses mix patterns and colors to add pizzazz. Bachner works with customers to find the right readers based on lens power, fit and frame shape.

"The glasses are optical quality; the lenses are very clear, they fit well and they feel good and they last," she says.

"Usually people need reading glasses when they are over 40, but with increased computer use, people are tending to wear them even younger," she says.

Not sure what looks good? Bachner has some basic style tips, like "wearing a red frame is like putting on lipstick," and "the angles make your face look slimmer, you need edges for rounder faces."  Prices for Renee's Readers range from $45 to $95.  Find it: