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Having to clean out my parents’ house after their passing was a life-changing experience for me. My parents saved everything; my father saw a use or possible use in practically everything you could possibly imagine and my mother was pretty much the same way. So when they died and I had to decide what to do with all their stuff; even with the help of family, it took months to sort through. We made many trips to various donation facilities but we also had to get a dumpster. Their inability to throw things away is understandable.  As immigrants they lived through extremely hard times; scraping and saving set the foundation for how they lived later in life even when they were settled and secure. 

Growing up in this type of home has influenced who I am today. I realize that we can do with a lot less stuff and so I focus on creating stuff (reading glasses) that looks good and wears well.  I am a lover of beautiful things (who isn't?) so I strive to keep designs beautiful and practical to give you years of enjoyable use.

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