How to get a good fit in your reading glasses

Good Fit = Good Fashion

 Here’s what to look for:

1. Your Face:

Glasses usually should be sized so that they align with the widest part of your face. Some frame designs are styled to be oversized or worn on the small side, but a good fit starts with finding the correct size frame for your face.

Important Tip: Size should be based on overall frame size not just lens size.

2. Your Ears:

Your ears are what keep your glasses in place. The temples (the part that wraps around your ears) should extend straight back without touching the side of your face to then slightly touch your face just before bending around your ear. If the temples are too short, you might feel like your glasses are going to fall off or they might pull on your nose or ears resulting in discomforting pressure or soreness on your nose…ouch!

Important Tip: If you like to wear your readers down your nose, long temples will make for a more secure, comfortable fit. FYI…many Renee’s Readers designs feature extra-long temple lengths!

3. Your Nose:

The shape of your nose will affect how the frame rests on your face. Some people like formed plastics; others like metal frames that come with adjustable nose pads. A good fit will rest on your nose without tightness and sit high enough so as to not rest on your cheeks.

Important Tip: A flat nose is best fit with nose pads that can be adjusted to contour and comfortably fit your nose.

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