How to choose the frame color of your reading glasses

Here's a few things to think about:  

  • Use frame color to accentuate your best features. Rather than choose readers whose frame color goes with everything, consider a color that flatters you just as you would choose a shirt or a blouse. 
  • Determine your skin tone and use that as a base for frame color selection. Consider your hair color as well. 
  • You might want to highlight your eyes with a frame of the same hue.
  • Use color to make a statement or keep your look subdued.
  • Choosing a flattering shade in your eyewear will add the same illuminating effects as lipstick.
  • Mixing it up can be fun and it can also be an easy way to identify different pairs for different uses.

Let your look tell your story…start with frame shape, add mood with color, top it off with the style that expresses the look that you’ve developed over the years.

Finding frame styles and colors that suits you best is the starting point to choosing reading glasses that will look really good on you and you'll enjoy wearing!