Girls Night Out

After many, many…many emails and phone calls…it’s girl’s night out!

I love Girls’ Night Out!

We just talk about so many different things. There’s no need to explain much, we can just pick up where we left off. What do we talk about? Lots of stuff… the kids, family, the spouse, good books, new recipes and sexy looks. Occasional roars of laughter can be heard for things that help us forget our stress from picking up after everyone's mess.

We talk about changes that occur with age and what will be in the next stage. We talk about ways we can maintain our looks …what to eat, how to exercise, what to wear…what’s in, what’s not, what’s “appropriate” and what’s hot. Taking classes, new interests, new careers and things we always wanted to do.

Hey…where did you get those sexy glasses?  Who’s doing what with who…oooh!!!  

Girl's night out is all about laughing, complaining and catching up …right where we left off.