Do you have a loose screw?

Posted on November 18, 2017 by Renee Bachner | 0 comments

reading_glasses_ how_to_stop_ screws_coming_loose_reneesreaders

You reach to put on your readers and they feel wobbly or the temple falls right off. The screw comes right out and now you can’t use your reading glasses!  Ugh! 

Loose screws happen to everyone..and you thought you were the only one. 

Quality has nothing to do with it. Sometimes just everyday wear causes the screws on your readers to loosen; more so with reading glasses because of all that on and off wear. Repeated tightening will eventually strip the threads that keep your screws in place; resulting in their more frequent loosening.

To keep your loose screws in place, I am not offering any therapy but I am going to share with you an old optical secret…nail glue aka clear nail polish!  Try a drop preventatively or when your screws are getting loose and you can’t make it to the optician. Just make sure NOT to get it on your lenses!  



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