Computer Reading: Tweaks to Fine Tune Sharpness

Make your computer reading just right with these easy tweaks:

  • Fine tune for sharpness by positioning your screen, seat or reading material a little closer or further away.

Lenses, lens power, reading distance - this is based on science, physics to be exact. 

Once you've determined the reading glasses lens power that's best for you, adjusting your reading distance for best position aka focal distance will also set your sweet spot of best vision.

  •  Take note magnification is affected by wearing position which increases as you move your readers away from your eyes.

Classic example - Half-Eyes

If you like to wear your readers low on your nose, as in half-frame readers, choose your lens power mindful of this and lower your lens power slightly.

  •  Control glare by redirecting window lighting upward, dim ceiling lights, check monitor angle + settings.

Be on the lookout for glare!

Glare has always been a problem for computer-related work because of the reflective nature of monitors.  Glare disrupts the visual pathways to your brain where vision takes place creating strained vision - glare causes your eyes to work extra-hard so tackle it!

  • Our reading glasses are delivered to you in bench alignment, an optical industry pre-set for standard frame fit and looks.

No two heads are alike.

Have a qualified optician adjust your readers for your most comfortable fit. Many times a simple adjustment to the temples, nose pads or the frame itself will  make a huge difference in your comfort, in wear and in vision.

Understanding the science behind reading well will give you the know-how to make your reading environment the most conducive to comfortable reading and it will give you an awareness of how lens quality greatly affects reading and eyestrain.

If you have any questions just send me an email.

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