Computer Reading Glasses

Computer glasses are reading glasses whose lens strength is determined by the distance you view your computer screen and are used specifically for reading at that distance. Traditionally reading glasses meant only book reading distance which is typically 14-16 inches. Often traditional reading distances are still being used as a baseline for prescribing reading glasses but since now reading is done at so many different distances it is really important to determine the distance at which you intend to use your reading glasses for you to get the best correction. Computer glasses are no longer reserved for the over 40 crowd. Blurred or strained vision at the computer may be due to the eyes inability to remain focused on the computer screen for long periods of time. Your eyes are getting tired maintaining focus for hours day after day. Try some simple adjustments to your work environment and use computer glasses to relax your eyes and relieve your eyestrain. Coatings and special lens treatments will make no difference if you are not corrected accurately. Finding the correct lens strength in your reading glasses is key to seeing clearly and comfortably while working at your computer.

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