Best Reading Glasses for a Round Face

The typical round face is distinguished as being equal in length and width with full cheeks and a curved chin. 

Many round face people feel uneasy when faced with choosing eyewear- no worries. Learn what frame style to look for when choosing your reading glasses- it will make the selection process much easier.  Knowing the frame shape that flatters you will add contours to your round face, enhance with slimming effects and totally transform your looks!

Knowing your most complimentary frame shape serves as the foundation for your continuous good looks enduring to any shift in trends. Fashion that flatters will always look good and always be in style.

Round Face = Square Frame:

Why- A square frame shape has angular lines that visually adds definition and contours to any fullness in your face.

BTW, a square frame shape gives off a modern edgy vibe that’s also says stylish and progressive.

Mixing modern fashion with a touch of tailored traditionalism, our square frame shape readers give you a stylish balance that's slimming, subtle and sophisticated for flattering easy updates to keep you looking put-together and reading comfortably from morning to night.