Today's stylish reading glasses...age old styles worn in new age ways

I am not so sure I want to be called a Boomer. No labels for me, please.

I try to remain up to date in my appearance, progressive in my thinking, but I do have some ways that you might call old-fashioned.

I've learned not to stress about little things and I am more accepting of people’s differences. I still love Rock n’ Roll, Motown and I love to Disco dance. I also like some of the music my kids listen to… some. I like to tell stories of things I did when I was young to anyone who’ll listen and I smile to think that so much of what is today's stylish look is just a comforting familiarity to me. When flares were my bell-bottoms, vinyl records is what I saved my allowance for...where trend now was my trend then as my style progressed from clogs to Frye boots to Candie's disco shoes... all called retro for today's times.

It's cool with me; I love that age-old styles can be worn in new age ways. But as cool as it was then and it is today, wearing this now sometimes makes me really feel like a Boomer!