High Quality Reading Glasses Are Good For the Environment...

QUALITY READING GLASSES | ReneesREADERSToday’s out with the old in with the new attitude has spawned an influx of companies that are churning out trendy, low-priced products whose planned obsolescence comes not only at the expense of the buyer but our environment. Our driven consumerism panders to our more is better mentality. There are a slew of products available that promote quantity over quality, from disposable clothing that doesn’t last more than a few washes to appliances that are made not to last more than a few years and which are guiltlessly thrown away because they are cheaper to replace than repair. Future trending is the price we will pay as our landfills overflow, recycling plants are worked beyond capacity and the chemical byproducts of their production affect the air we breathe and the quality of water we drink.
We’ve come to accept inferior quality products whose limited life span comes at a cost to our environment as well as our wallets. Let’s redirect by choosing quality products that will last and perform rather than buy stuff that needs to be replaced often.

Renee’s READERS is committed to honoring old trend ideals.

Our optical quality reading glasses are made with prideful attention to the details that makes Renee's READERS fashion-easy, with high-performing optics and comfortable for all day wear.


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